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As well as our ‘all in one’ classes, we also run Dog Sports and Specialist courses throughout the year, to provide a taster for everyone and see what comes naturally.
We also have on-going clubs so you can improve in your favorite dog sport, whether it be to achieve competition standard or simply practice what you and your dog enjoy the most. 

Working Trials (To view the Kennel Club's page on Working Trials, click here)
This is our most popular course. It is a bit like the type of training a police dog might do and involves tracking, searching, heelwork, recalls, dumbbell retrieve and certain elements from agility. A great way of challenging both dog and owner but most importantly, fun too. For details of our regular Working Trials club and courses, click here.
Working Test & Gundog Club (To view the Kennel Club's page on Gundogs, click here)
Opem to ALL breeds, this increasing popular sport involves whistle training, distance control retrieving. It is a fun and relaxed Club where you can train with a view to take your working test, or simply enjoy practising what you and your dog enjoy most. As you progress in your training, the instructor will take you to a more challenging and varied environemnent, and even have fun with water retrieves!
For details of our regular Gundog club and courses, click here.
Tracking/Night Tracking Club (focusing on one of the greatest aspects of working trials)
If your dog seems to spend his/her time with his/her nose glued to the ground, you could be taking on the most rewarding 'game' and channel this natural ability into a fantastic sport. although not a competitive sport on its own, it is one of the most exciting aspects of working trials. Are you ready to learn how to find the wallet you lost half a mile away in complete darkness, just relying on your dog?
For details of our regular tracking club and courses, click here.
Agility* (To view the Kennel Clib's page on Agility, click here)
We are not a competitive agility club. We tend to take the more fun approach, but the courses are designed to teach you all the techniques, control and knowledge you’ll ever need should you wish to take the sport further including the weave, A-frame and tunnel. For details of the next Agility Course, please contact us.

Flyball* (To view the Kennel Club's page on Flyball, click here)
Our fun version of American Flyball which involves the dog, at high speed, going over four individual jumps, making contact with the ‘box’ then grabbing a tennis ball and racing back. A seemingly pointless exercise but both dogs and owners love it!
 For details of our regular Flyball club, click here.

*Age restrictions apply for these sports. Ask for details.

Dog Tricks/Clicker Training
Having possibly got the bug for dog tricks in the normal class, this gives you the opportunity to take it further by introducing ‘CLICKER TRAINING’ which is a popular positive reward-based training method to enable you to reward the dog more effectively. Why not teach the dog to make you breakfast in bed?
For details of the next Course, please contact us.

Heelwork to Music (To view the Kennel Club page on Heelwork to Music, click here)
Taking dog tricks in a slightly different direction. With the introduction of music and the odd prop, you too can be swirling around the floor like Fred and Ginger.
For details of the next Course, please contact us.

Most importantly, Heelwork to Music and Dog Tricks are two great ways of stimulating your dog and getting that elusive 100% control & attention that we all want.
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